Reflection on Narrative

Writing the narrative was a very easy task in opinion. Well the writing itself was easy, but thinking of what to write was not. I knew that all I had to do was write about myself and ,as I expressed in my  narrative, writing about myself is a very easy topic for me to write about. However, when I normally write about myself, which is usually in my own journal, I write about what I want and however I want to. I know that there is no one that is going to grade how I write about myself in my journal. My only critic is me and as self critical as I am, I am also very prideful when it comes to my personal writings. So to be given an opportunity to write about myself as an assignment should have been easy right from the start, however being told that I have to write about a very specific part about myself and not whatever I pleased seemed quite paradoxical. Like I said in my narrative, for a very long time writing to me was just a requirement to pass a class. I had to push aside my bias towards written assignments and think about this specific assignment in a whole new way. I was not being told to write a narrative for the sake of writing one and having something to back up my grade at the end of the semester (which I know technically is the reason why I have to write papers in first place but for the sake of my argument lets pretend otherwise). I was being given an opportunity to share a part of me with the professor or whoever reads the narrative. It was as if I had to simply rip a page out of my journal and hand that in for a grade.

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  1. Yes, I see the contradiction of the assignment asking you to write about yourself, but in a particular way. The purpose of the assignment was to think about how you think about language and literacy and what have influenced you to think the way you do–after all, the focus of this class is language and literacies. I hope doing so has given you an opportunity to think of yourself differently–to learn about yourself and others at least.

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